Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving Back To The Community

Download Dr. Peter Manasa Mbizvo's Corporate Social Responsibility Profile

Our commitment - to our patients, partners and communities


  • work in partnership with other organisations to share
  • experience and ideas and to ensure continuous learning and development
  • inform our patients, public and local communities of key issues to encourage views, opinions and feedback
  • engage and communicate news and information regularly
  • Are active in our local community to help make views and opinions heard
  • share knowledge, skills and experience with other hospitals, both nationally and internationally
  • encourage excellence, responsibility and pride

Our patients
Our patients are at the heart of all we do and our aim is to care for them, not just to treat them. We want all our patients to have the best possible service in the clinic – which is exactly what our staff would expect if they themselves were patients. Our work is focusing around learning from patients’ concerns and suggestions; improving our communications with patients so they are fully informed and involved in their care; treating each as an individual, not just as a patient on a busy ward; improving the physical environment to make it more welcoming and sympathetic; and improving clinical practice so patients can go home quicker.

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