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Avondale Urgent Care Clinic is located in Avondale offering medical, dental and physio services.

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The clinic provides a wide range of medical services, catering to various healthcare needs. This includes general medical consultations, treatment for minor injuries and illnesses, vaccinations, and preventive care. The medical staff at Avondale Urgent Care Clinic are trained professionals who are equipped to handle a diverse set of medical conditions.


In addition to medical care, the clinic also offers dental services. These services may include routine dental check-ups, cleanings, fillings, extractions, and other basic dental procedures. Having dental services available within the same facility as medical care can provide patients with added convenience and comprehensive healthcare options.


Physiotherapy services at Avondale Urgent Care Clinic cater to individuals in need of rehabilitation or treatment for musculoskeletal conditions. The clinic may offer personalized treatment plans, exercises, manual therapy, and education to help patients recover from injuries or manage chronic conditions.


The inclusion of a pharmacy within the clinic allows patients to conveniently fill their prescriptions on-site. This streamlines the process of obtaining necessary medications following a consultation or treatment at the clinic. The pharmacy may stock a variety of prescription medications as well as over-the-counter products.

Who We Are

Avondale Urgent Care Clinic is a private healthcare facility that offers a comprehensive range of medical services, including dental, physiotherapy, and pharmacy services. The clinic is designed to provide convenient and accessible healthcare to individuals in the Avondale area and beyond.

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